Python Introduction

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Python Programming

If you are interested in games, gui, desktop applications, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data scientist, etc. If you want to do all these things in single programming language, then you can do these works in python. But with any other language you cannot do all these things at once.

In today's time computer is being used the most and every new student is liking computer and they want to become hacker or software engineer or programmer in their life.

Python is an open source interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language, and object-oriented programming is also available in Python, although the Python language provides clear, logical code and clear syntax for programmers for small and large-scale projects.

Python was launched by Guido Van Rossem in the year 1991 and today Python is the number 1 programming language.

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Python is a popular programming language with which you can do many things and it is in great demand in the market right now.

That's why you should learn Python programming, I will give some examples of what you can do in Python.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning , Data Scientist , Data Analysis , GUI , Games , Desktop Application , Mobile Apps, Back-end Development etc..

Is Python easy?

Friends, Python is a very easy programming language that means you can learn this programming language in just 3 months or less than 3 Months

Does Python have scope in the market?

Friends, the scope of Python is currently highest in the market, if you become an expert in Python at this time, then according to me you are doing very well because at this time and the time to come, only Python is going to be there and There are too many jobs in Python in market and Now a Days, There are not So Many Python developer